This site is our dedicated space for all documentation about your QuickSchools account. Here's a quick intro/refresher on how to locate articles that may be helpful in answering your questions.

Navigating to Articles

The site is divided into three sections: Apps, Public Schools, and Private Schools. Click into one of these categories and you'll get a page of all the articles that relate to this category most. There's plenty of overlap between different sections, so feel free to look around more if you don't see what you want at first.


To jump to a particular article or view articles related to a specific topic, you can use the Search bar at the top of every page to look up information by keyword. You can also include a minus ("-") before a search term to find articles where something is not included.

Promoted Articles

The promoted articles section highlights the most common FAQs. This section can be found below, and promoted articles are noted throughout the site with a star ("★") before their title.

Chat & Email Support

Chat is available at the footer of all pages. Come ask questions! Or, you can use the "Contact Support" link at the top of the screen to submit a question or issue.

Give Feedback on Articles

Like what you read? Give it a thumbs up at the bottom of the article. Maybe not a fan? Give the article a thumbs down so we know to come back and improve it for you.