Create Academic Year and Enrollment Period (Primary)

Prior to pre-enrollment, an admin will need to setup the following: academic year and term(s) and migration to the following year.

Step 1. Creating New Enrollment Period

Navigate to New Semester Setup > View All Semesters tab > then click the “Add New Academic Year” button as shown below:

In the pop up, add the Year Name, then click the Add button:


The new year will be displayed on the Academic Year table. To then add academic terms, click the “Add New Semester” button:


In the pop up, enter in the Term Name, Start and End Dates, and the State Code. In the following example, we have named the term “Fall” with dates 8/7/17-1/1/18 and State Code as “S1 First Semester”.


Multiple terms can be added by following the same procedure.

 Step 2. Migrating to Next Year

The current grade levels will need to be migrated onto the following enrollment period. Navigate to New Semester Setup > Migrate to Next Year tab.

Using the Source Semester drop down, select the term and year to copy from. Using the Target Semester drop down, select the term and year to copy onto (this should be the earliest term under the next enrollment period).

Click the Copy Grade Levels button, then click the Continue button in the pop up that appears:

The grade levels will be migrated over and the options for Year-End Processing will appear under the student record.

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