How to Generate Extracts

Overall Process

  1. Selecting the Extract
  2. Previewing Data
  3. Reviewing Errors
  4. Reviewing Options
  5. Selecting Students/Teachers
  6. Generating Extract
  7. Downloading Extract

Selecting the Extract

Click on the CALPADS button from the menu and confirm that the “Generate Extract” tab is selected. (Do note that not all users will have access to the additional tabs under the CALPADS module. These users will be taken directly to the “Generate Extract” tab as shown below.)

Using the two drop downs shown below, the school Year and the type of CALPADS Extract can then be selected.

Previewing Data

Data for a student can be previewed before an extract is generated.
Select the fields under the “Preview” section (1), select the student (2), then click the “View Only” button (3).

A preview of the output will be displayed similar to to the screenshot below. Only one student can be selected, but multiple fields can be previewed.

Reviewing Errors

Errors can be checked for by using the “Validate SENR Extract” button under the “Generate Extract” section.

With a student selected, the validate button will look for and display any errors that may be found as shown in the screenshot below. These errors will also be displayed under the “Students” page for each school account.

Viewing the errors for a specific school can also be displayed. Using the “Errors” section, select a school using the drop down. Any validation errors will be displayed in red, along with a ‘View’ link as shown below.

The pop up screen will display the students with errors, a description, and options to clear or recheck an error. The student record can also be opened by clicking on the corresponding row for a given student.