Retentions and Promotions

QuickSchools will automatically promote and graduate all students by default based on their current grade level. However, you can set-up exceptions via the "Year-End Processing" section on the student record. For example, if a student is being retained a grade, or if a student is skipping a grade level, you can use the steps below to indicate to the system how the student will be treated when moving to the next school year.

When accessing a student record, the "Year-End Processing" section will display different options based on the student's grade level. For example, students who are in their final year at school will have options for "Retention" or "Graduation", while others may have "Retention" and "Promotion".

The available fields will be customized based on the action you select.

Note, the Year-End Processing will also contain other fields like "Next Homeroom Teacher" or "Next Track". These are all optional fields. If all fields are left blank, the students will auto-promote or auto-graduate at their current school.


Once you've completed setting up all your exceptions for Retention, Promotion and Graduation, you can run a report based off the "Student District Data" module in the Report Creator. You can then review and confirm that students are being handled properly for the next school year.

For other year end processes, please visit: Ending the Current Academic Year

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