Pre-Enrolling Students

Pre-Enrolling New Students

If a new student is starting at your site before the new school year begins, you can specify this student as Pre-Enrolled by using the "Pre-Enrollment" check box when creating the new student record. This indicates that the student is NOT part of the current active enrollment:

After saving and re-opening the student record, you can use the "Pre-Enrollment" section to set the Next Grade, Next Class Teacher and so on:

Pre-Enrolled students will be added into the active student enrollment upon activation of their specified term.

After the new school year starts, new students should be added as normal (without checking the "Pre-enrollment" box), because the student will be enrolling directly into the new (and currently active) academic term.

Pre-Enrolling / Transferring Students from Another Site

OPTION 1: The current school can indicate the next school for the student by using the Year-End Processing Promotion/Retention options. When the new school year begins, the system will automatically transfer the student record to the new school.

OPTION 2: The new school can pre-enroll the student from the current school. These students are designated as "Pre-Enrolled" at the new site. You can use the "Students" > "District-Wide Search" for this:

The school to pre-enroll from and into can then be selected. Individual students can be selected for pre-enrollment:

Using the Pre-Enrollment Screen (Option 2)

Pre-enrollments system starts on the District-Wide Search page in the Students module (for administrators and office managers with the appropriate access). Click the+ Pre-Enroll Students button to get started.

You can pre-enroll any group of students from one school to another in this screen. For example, if you are currently in a middle school, you can pre-enroll students entering or exiting the school from the same screen. Select the “FROM” school and grade-level and the “TO” school and grade-level to prepare a list of students from the one school to pre-enroll into the other.

Use the table of students to select who should be pre-enrolled (students who will definitely be leaving the district for the next term or not promoting to the new grade can be left off the list of students to pre-enroll into the new term).


Confirm the list of pre-enrolled students when you are done.

Once you have confirmed the list of students to Pre-Enroll, use the dialog that will appear to verify the sites and grade-levels you will be move students from and into.

Once the students are Pre-Enrolled, they will show up in the new site’s Students module.

Viewing Pre-Enrolled Students

Pre-Enrolled students do not appear in your active roster. You have to use the Advanced Search to "Show ONLY pre-enrolled students":

When accessing a Pre-Enrolled student, the "Year-End Processing " section will be replaced with a "Pre-Enrollment" section, with the same fields as if you were doing a promotion or retention. Changing the students pre-enrollment information at the new school will also change the student's promotion/retention information at the current school:

Note that a student can only be pre-enrolled at a single new school. Schools will NOT be able to pre-enroll a student into their school, if the student is already pre-enrolled into another school, UNLESS the current school Clears the Retention/Promotion data. This effectively removes the student's pre-enrollment at the "Next School".

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