Setting up Homeroom-Based Courses - Elementary School

Setting up Templatized Subjects

To view Templatized Subjects go to “Classes and Class Teachers” >”Templatize Subjects by Grade”

To add a templatized subject, click the green “Add Subject” button under the desired grade level. This will open the “Edit Templatized Subject” dialogue box:

Once you enter in the subject name, you will need to click the “Add Custom” field button in order to add a field to track the “Engrade Class Subject”. Add in the options in the screenshot below:

Once you click OK, you will be able to add the “Engrade Class Subject” to the templatized subject.  [NOTE: This only needs to be done once, after the custom field section is added to one subject it will show under all others so that you can choose your subject option from the dropdown menu]

Click “Configure Form” and check the box under the “Display” column so that you can see the Engrade Class Subject on the Templatized subject list:

Once you do this your templatized subject list should look like this:

Managing Class Teachers

Users with Admin access have to ability to add/edit Class Teachers via the “Classes and Class Teachers” tab. To assign a class teacher to a grade level click the ‘Add Class Teacher” button under the grade level that you want the teacher to be assigned.

To select a class teacher select one from the “Class Teacher” drop down menu.

Alternative Class Teachers: This field is used if the Classroom has a shared contract teacher. Teachers stored in this field will have access to the Homeroom Attendance Roster.

[NOTE: If you want the “Name” and “Abbreviation” to be the same as the name of the Class Teacher all you need to do is select the teacher and click OK. If you want the “Name” and “Abbreviation” to be something other than the teacher's name, you can enter type them in the boxes next to those fields.]

Once you are done click ‘OK’ and as long as templatized subjects have been setup correctly for the grade level, the subjects will automatically be assigned to the Class Teacher and homeroom teacher.

If templatized subjects have not been setup for the grade level, subjects will not be automatically assigned and you may see something like this:

If templatized subjects are not setup you can also use the “Edit Associated Subjects” link to add the subjects that the teacher is assigned to. Once the “Edit Associated Subjects Dialogue” box is up use the “Add” button under the “Action” column to add each subject to the “Current subjects associated with this teacher” list. You can use the “Add All subjects” button to add all subjects listed at once instead of adding them one by one:

Once you click ‘OK’ the subjects will then be listed under the teacher's homeroom:

The difference between “Associated Subjects” and “Templatized Subjects” is that templatized subjects will be assigned automatically to any teacher that gets assigned as a class teacher by grade level (this will carry over each trimester. Associated subjects can only be added manually once a teacher is assigned as a class teacher and can only be added once a teacher is assigned to teach subjects)

Assign Class Teacher/Enroll Students into subjects

To assign a student a class teacher you must go to the “Classes and Teachers” tab. Under the students grade level choose the class teacher they will be assigned to and click on the number next to “Enrollment”

Once you setup the templatized or associated subjects for your homerooms, when students are enrolled in their homeroom they will also automatically be enrolled in the subjects associated with their homeroom.

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