In-Screen Help

The In-Screen Help feature is used to display a message to all schools in Quickschools. The message can be displayed to a specific channel, and to specific roles. The module is found under Control (you may need to be granted access):

Adding a Message

Go to In-Screen Help, and click on the “Add In-Screen Help” button.

The pop up will display fields for the Message, the Channel, and the Roles, along with a checkbox to activate or deactivate.

Message > This is the text that will appear in the specified location. In the sample below, we are adding in a link* for an article:

*Note: Please follow the above setup if links are to be used as adding in the URL alone will not produce a clickable link.

Channel > This specifies where the message should appear. The channel used should be relevant to the message being added. In the example above, the message would be added into the Parent Messaging > Phone Survey tab, as shown:

Channels can correspond to modules (ex: Gradebook), tabs within a module (ex: Phone Surveys), or specific pages (ex: Import Students).

Only one channel can be used.

Target Roles > Specifies what roles should see the message. This is a required field and multiple roles can be added in per message. It is important to specify the correct role so that the correct users at a school can view the message. For the example above, we have displayed the message to Staff:

This means that regular teachers would not view the message, even if they have access to the Phone Survey tab.

Enabled > Enables and disables the message. Ticking the box will allow the message to be displayed.

Once everything is setup, the message should display to the correct users and in the correct location:


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