CALPADS SDIS (Student Discipline) Extract in QuickSchools

Organization of this Document

This document has three major parts: (a) an overview of the SDIS extract, (b) A table of each of the the fields in the SDIS extract, followed by (c) a set of input screens.

Overview of SDIS Extract

Purpose: The purpose of the SDIS extract is to report discipline data at the incident level. In 2011-12 federal requirements were implemented, which requires the reporting of such incidents. It is important to distinguish the difference between an “incident” and an “Offense”.

An Incident is the event that occurred such as a food fight, a fight, etc.
The Offense is the infringement or crime the student committed within the Incident.

In order to understand what discipline data are reported for EOY 3 one needs to answer the following question:

“Does the offense or offenses fall within the Education Code 48900 or 48915?”
If the answer is no, It should not be reported. If the answer is yes, then the offences will be reported based on the following:

Non-special education students committing offenses falling within 48900 & 48915 must be suspended or expelled for a full day or more to report the offense. If they were suspended for less than a full day, the incident is not to be reported.

In-school suspensions are reported

Data is reported by:
1. Incident: the event that took place
2. The single student or multiple students involved within the incident/event
3. Finally, report all the offenses that occurred during the incident.

Timeline: The SDIS extract is submitted as part of the EOY 2. The SDIS is a replacement file.  This means as one uploads/posts SDIS the data is updated in CALPADS but if one uploads/posst another SDIS file, the previous posted data is replaced with the new file.

Some of the fields in the SDIS are computer generated and cannot be directly changed by the user.  Other fields can be changed by the user.

Table of Fields

The following table shows the fields included the CALPADS Student Discipline (SDIS) extract. The tab and screen in QuickSchools is provided to help locate the appropriate location for entering and changing information. Some fields are generated by the system logic and cannot be changed directly by the user.

The Discipline Screens

Several sets of data are accessed through the Discipline Screens and the tabs therein:

Incident Tab

In QuickSchools one may enter a new incident report using the button above the ribbon. The ribbon shows the Date, Student, and Incident Detail. The incident Detail contains the Incident number Reporting party, and the violation.


Detentions are not reported to CALPADS. For the purpose of this document, the focus is on the incident tab.

Manage Response Type

Detentions are not reported to CALPADS. For the purpose of this document, the focus is on the incident tab.

Incident Report

The Incident report is found after highlighting and clicking an incident from the Discipline tab

Additional information is on this tab as well:

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