Adding New School to Existing District

Adding a New Elementary School to the District

Follow these directions to add a new school to an existing district.

  • Use the trial creation link to add the demo school to Quickschools:
    • Enter the “School Name”
    • Your Name: Use “Go-Live User”
    • Email Address: Use “
    • Phone Number: Can be left blank for now
    • Password: Use current Go-Live user password
    • Be sure URL makes sense as school code
  • Under Control turn on “California State-Specific Features” via the “State Features” tab”


Add all Roles and Access Rights via “Control”>”Access rights”

The next step is to add all roles and associated access rights the school needs. You can use another school in the district for reference.

  • Just go to the existing elementary school then go to the “School Settings” page to view their access roles. Below are some of the roles that all schools within CRPUSD need:

  • Open Control and go to the “Access Rights” tab in order to add each of these roles. Be sure to add the correct information under “Edit Permissions” so that the roles work properly. Later, we will test these roles to be sure they are working.

Turn on Modules and Configure Settings

  • Turn on all settings under “Settings” > “Turn Features On/Off”, “Advanced configuration” and “District Configuration”.

  • Just like the previous step, continue using an existing school in the district for reference on what modules and settings should be turned on at that level. (You can also use the existing school to see which modules certain roles should have permissions to.)
    • For example: In the situation below, the existing school has given the “School Admin” and “Medical Access” roles access to see the “Advanced Health” tab. So the same access should be given to these roles under the new school

  • While under “Advanced Configuration” be sure to set up the labels for the school:

  • Setting up these labels will change the nomenclature so that it matches other schools at the same level in the district. The image below shows some of the modules that will be updated with these changes:

  • Turn on all Apps that are needed (use the existing school for reference as to which Apps should be turned on).


Link school with district configuration

Once you have configured all the schools settings and added all modules you can then link the school with the district.

  • Under Control go to “Group Schools Management” and search for Cotati (district), click it and then add the new school by typing it in a new line:

  • Then click on the “Manage Subscriptions”and under “Subscription Status” click “Set to Subscribed”:

  • Now, click on on  “Advanced”.

  • Then click “Optimized Apply Changes”:

  • Once you click “Optimize Apply Changes” you will see something like this”

NOTE: This is where things can get a bit tricky, if all settings are not setup properly you may run into errors. If you encounter an error as you are scrolling through your results, the error will tell you what module is producing the error, you will need to go back and check that the module has been setup or is not setup properly. Once you fix the settings you can go back in and click on “Grant to District Again”. This button can be used as many times as need until there are no errors.


Confirm all modules are showing and are setup properly

At this point, you need to make sure that all modules are showing and working properly. Go through each module (and each tab within each module) to be sure that you are not encountering errors. The goal here is to be sure that everything is working properly even if the module looks OK some functions may produce errors when you try them.

Some items that you should QA are:

  • Add a test student, test teacher, etc. Try adding a discipline report, a new homeroom, etc.

You will run into errors at some point, the best route to take is to create a dapulse item for the new school you are creating and then track each error under that same dapulse item.


Detailed Setup

Once you confirm that all modules are showing and are working properly you can go into the more detailed setup. Just like earlier we need to use an existing school in the district as reference:

  • Grade levels- You need to check that the grade levels are setup properly (Ex: for elementary remove 9th-12th and vice versa)
  • Student Relationships
    • Under “Student Configuration” add all relationships used by the district

  • Grading scales, Grading Categories and Gradebook Codes
    • Setup these items under “Grading Setup”
  • Attendance codes- Make sure “Attendance Codes” are set up
  • Set-up Supported Languages

  • Setup the schools Calendar via “New Semester Setup”
    • Be sure the new school shows
  • Setup Online Forms (Share packets if necessary)
  • Confirm that the access you created rights are working properly
    • Add test teachers/staff and assign them access rights to be sure they are working properly


Setup Pre-enrollment

To do this you need to make sure that first you create the next year under “New Semester Setup” .

Then under “New Semester Setup” >”Migrate to Next Year” setup your target and source semester, then choose the “Copy Grade LEvels” function. This will allow you to pre-enroll students into the new school:



Setup Templatized Subjects (Elementary Schools)

Follow the instructions on this doc to setup templatized subjects:



List of errors that I encountered during setup:

  • Attendance verification
    • qsapp02-testing1481831410163
  • Calpads-
    • Not appearing as a school under CALPADS
    • [azroy] Had to click “Check for New School” button.
  • District wide teachers staff
    • qsapp02-testing1481831460941
    • [azroy] Go-Live user had to be merged manually via SQL
  • Adding a student
    • qsapp02-testing1481834527131
    • [azroy] THere was a missing column which I added manually using:
      • alter table gradelevels add column hasattendedschool boolean;
  • Adding a teacher
  • Error when trying to open a student record via the “District Wide-Search” tab
    • qsapp02-testing1482251375970
    • [azroy] Go-Live user had to be merged manually via SQL
  • Error when opening free/reduced lunch app
    • qsapp02-testing1482340978531
    • [azroy] Had to run upgrade
  • Merging Go-Live Users
    • You may run into issues when merging Go-Live Users. When we merged, the IsNative flag is not set properly. Had to re-set it manually in the DB.
  • Online Forms
    • Be sure that you did not break online forms. During the process of creating a new school, after merging go-live users I ran into an error when logging in and when trying to access “Online Forms”production1483738237024”. This is due to DB table permissions. To fix this go back to “Group Schools Management” under control. Then search for the district and click on “Advanced” once again.


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