CALPADS - Importing Job Assignments (SASS)

Required Fields:

  • School Code: Corresponds to the location where the teacher/staff should have their job assignment assign to.
    • Example: LJMS Teacher would show LJMS.
  • Employee Number: The teacher/staff record employee number at the corresponding school.
    • Example: 5647
  • Job Classification: Defines the code for the job type that should be assigned. See legend for correct mapping.
    • Example: 10 would be for Administrators - Numerical value only.
  • FTE: Values used to determine the % of the job assignment for the teacher/staff. Normally adds up to 100 but can go higher than that. If the value on the file is in decimal form, convert to full value (ie. 0.40 should be converted to 40).
    • Example: 100 - Numerical value only.
  • Start Date: The date the teacher/staff began the job assignment. This would normally be the start of the school year, or the teacher’s employment date (whichever comes second). Exceptions apply.
    • Example: 7/1/2016 - Date value only.
  • End Date: The date the teacher/staff ends the job assignment. This would normally be the end of year, or the teacher’s leave date (whichever comes first). Exception apply.
    • Example: 6/30/2017 - Date value only.
  • Non-Classroom Assignment 1-7: Specifies even further certain job assignments. See legend for correct mapping. There can be 0, 1, or multiple assignments. Numerical value only.
    • Example: Principal would be given a Job Classification of 10 with a Non-Classroom Assignment of 0301. Numerical value only.

See screenshot below for an example excel spreadsheet:




Importing the File

  • In the main district account, navigate to CALPADS > Import Teacher Calpads Data > Select File > Import Teacher Job Assignment Data


Verifying Data

1. Run reports via report creator to get the job assignments for the entire district. Example:

  • Use IF functions to compare each column from the original import file with those from the Quickschools report. Example:

2. Use the extract PDFs found in the CALPADS > Generate Extracts page. Missing data will be easily visible on the report.


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