How to Switch from “Semester-Based” to “Quarter-Based” Reporting

If your school has traditionally been on a semester schedule (i.e. 2 semesters per year), and you want to transition to 4 quarters per year, you can use the steps outlined below.

Why change to Quarter-Based?

If you want to report grades to transcripts every quarter instead of every semester (i.e. 4 times per year, instead of 2 times per year), you’ll need to make this change.

What happens when you change from Semester to Quarters?

Switching from semester-based to quarter-based means that your Gradebooks will also be Quarter-based. So when you start a new quarter, your teachers will get new gradebooks for their sections. Gradebooks cannot be semester-based if transcripts are quarter-based.


How do I make the change?

Here are a summary of steps (full steps below):

  1. Change the Semester to Quarter (including any CALPADS-related fields)
  2. Change the Gradebook Configuration (if using Default Gradebook Columns)
  3. Adjust the Report Cards to use the correct template
  4. Adjust the “Copy Report Card Grades to Transcripts” meta-id when copying grades
  5. Include new quarters to the Enrollment Period in the Master Scheduler


Step 1: Changing the Semester to Quarter

Use the New Semester Setup screen and locate the current active term in the View All Semesters tab.


Change the term name and date range by clicking the Edit link.


If you are using CALPADS, change the State Code to [Q1] First Quarter (State Code will not appear if you are not using CALPADS).

Create new semesters by clicking the Add New Semester button and enter the necessary details. Select the State Code accordingly, if needed.


Step 2: Changing the Gradebook Configuration

If you were previously using the Default Gradebook Columns to record quarter grades, these will no longer be needed. The report card will simply use the value from the Final Grade formula column in the Gradebook.

  • Make sure that the “Is final grade?” is checked and the name of the column is Final Grade in the Gradebook. Please remember that each Gradebook can only have ONE column designated as “Is final grade”.



Step 3: Adjusting the Report Card Configuration

If you were previously using the Default Gradebook Columns to record quarter grades, these will no longer be needed. You will need to adjust the Report Cards to use an appropriate template that uses the Final Grade values (instead of the Default Gradebook Column). Once this is done, future report card sessions can use the latest report card configuration.

  • Create a report card session for the active term and make sure to copy setup from last session, if applicable. For more info, click here.
  • Check report cards if the values from Gradebook are showing.


Step 4: Adjusting the Meta-Id when Copying Report Card Grades to Transcript

Go to Transcript > Copy Report Card Grades tab.

Leave the “Letter grade meta ID” as is (eg. letter-grade) and select the correct Report Session > then select all or particular students to copy the grades to > then click Save.

Check the transcript of the students via the Transcripts tab. The grades should now be showing.

The process is still the same when Migrating students to Next Semester as if it was by Semester. For more detailed information in creating semesters and migrating to next year, please visit this page.


Step 5: Adding the new Quarters to the Enrollment Period in the Master Scheduler

If you've already set up Master Scheduler before changing to Quarter-based, the Courses & Sections page may not show terms that were recently added.

Follow these steps to add the new terms:

Open up the Master Scheduler module.


Click on the enrollment period that you just created and it will take you to the Enrollment Period Overview screen. Then click Configure Enrollment Period button.


Add in the terms that you recently created to the Semesters field and save.


Courses & Sections should now show all terms:


Should you need further assistance, feel free to chat or email us.


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