Configuring Calendar/Setting Up Holidays

Configuring Calendar


You can now set up local holidays and school events on your school calendar. You will need to configure your calendar every time a new semester is created/activated. Steps are defined below:

Why configure the Calendar?

The calendar is used for attendance purposes. For days marked as holidays, teachers will not be able to take attendance on those days.



  1. How to configure your calendar
  2. Attendance on Holidays


Section 1: How to configure your calendar

Go to New Semester Setup > View All Semesters > click Calendar


The calendar configuration page should look like this:


Select the appropriate school days that your school use (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) and then click on any date on the calendar to add an event. Add a name on the “Day Label” field (eg. Labor day), then click Set.


You can edit labels and clear off-days by re-selecting the date.

When finished adding holidays for the entire semester, scroll up the page and click Save.


Section 2: Attendance on Holidays

You will no longer be able to take attendance for the days with labels as the system treats it as “not a school day.” This is how it looks like in Section Attendance:


The same applied to the Supplemental Attendance module (from our App Store):


You will also see this label in the student profile’s Attendance calendar.


If you have further questions about the Calendar, feel free to email or chat with us.


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