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Spring Semester Activation

As you approach the end of the Fall semester, you may want to prepare new sections for the Spring semester without activating it. And then once you’ve completed the Fall semester, you’ll want to activate the Spring semester so that the sections you have prepared become active.

What happens when you run Part 1?

This will create new sections for the Spring semester, without activating the Spring semester. That way, teachers can continue to use the Gradebook for the Fall uninterrupted.

What happens when you run Part 2?

This will activate all sections in the Spring section. Fall section Gradebooks become read-only, and teachers will have access to the Gradebooks for the Spring. Note that Report Cards will remain unlocked, and will need to be locked separately

Here are the steps for moving from the Fall semester to the Spring semester:

  1. Prerequisite: Review Fall end date and Spring start date
  2. Part 1 - Create Spring Courses
  3. Part 2 - Set Drop Dates for Fall courses

Review Fall End Date and Spring Start Dates

Before activating a Spring Semester, the Fall Semester’s end date and the Spring Semester’s start date have to be reviewed.

Go to New Semester Setup > View All Semesters tab:


The semester’s date range should be verified in order for the proper dates to be added under a student’s course add/drop date. The Fall end date would be used for the student’s Fall course drop date, while the Spring start date is used for the student’s Spring course add date.

For any adjustments, use the “Edit” link next to the corresponding semester.


Part 1: Create Spring Courses

Fall courses/sections can be copied over onto the Spring semester by using using Part 1 under the Migrate to Next Semester tab. This would normally be done during the middle of the current term.


Using the two available drop downs, select the current Fall semester under the Source Semester drop down, and the upcoming Spring semester under the Target Semester drop down. The “Maintain counselor for all students” checkbox can be used to copy over counselor’s from one semester onto the next.

With the two semesters selected, click the “Migrate into Next Semester” button:


When migrating to a new semester:

  • Students do NOT move up a level.
  • New sections are created, based on the "Next Course" setting of each course.
  • Students are enrolled into the new sections, based on their current enrollments.

Clicking the continue button on the pop-up will initiate the process of copying over data:


Part 2: Set Drop Dates for Fall Courses

With the Fall Semester completed, drop dates can now be added in for the Fall Courses. Going back to the New Semester Setup > Migrate to Next Semester tab, the source and target semester need to be selected.


Clicking “Start Part 2” will reveal the “Migrate seating charts & finalize” button. Clicking this button will add in the Drop Dates - which uses the Fall Semester End Date:


After running Step 2, remember that your Fall semester Gradebooks, although read-only, can still be editted by the teachers if needed. But Gradebooks for the Spring will become active by default.

Next Steps:

  • Lock Report Cards

Don’t forget to lock the report cards to publish them to Parent Portal and Student Portal:

  • Copy Report Card grades into Transcript

It would be a good practice to copy the Report Card grades into Transcript so that student transcripts are updated. See this link for instruction:


 Document 17QS1129

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