Attendance Backfill Overview

Attendance Backfill totals the amount of minutes attended for each school day. The overall goal is to complete 1 equivalent ADA day by distributing excess minutes to other dates.

The Table:

Date and Day > The school day that the attendendance corresponds to.

Bell Schedule > The schedule used for that day. Difference schedules can be used on a per-day basis. These can be found in the BELL SCHEDULE section of the Master Scheduler module.

Periods Attended > The periods the student was present for the given date.

Minutes Attended > Total amount of minutes the student was present for that date. Basically, each period is worth a certain amount of minutes. The value here is the addition of all of those minutes the student was present. The value of each period is defined in the Bell Schedule. In the sample above, each period was an hour long (60m). So 60m*6 periods attendance = 360m.

Minutes Backfilled > Amount of minutes “borrowed” from another date to complete 1 ADA day. Note: 180m = 1 ADA day. In the sample above, the minutes attended exceed the 180m required, thus does not need additional minutes.

Excess Minutes > Minutes in excess of 1 ADA day. Note: 180m = 1 ADA day. In the sample above, the student attendance 360 minutes, exceeding the required 180m. Therefore, this particular date has 180 additional minutes.

ADA > Amount completed for ADA. Dates that do not have minutes backfilled will show a decimal value. Dates that do have minutes backfilled, and dates with excess minutes will show a value of 1.

The Graph:

Dates that complete 1 fill ADA day without minutes backfilled or excess minutes will display 1 green bar:

Dates that have excess minutes will display a green bar, and a red bar (excess minutes):

Dates that have minutes backfilled will display a purple bar, and may or may not display a green bar:

Note: when minutes are backfilled, the mouse can be hovered over the purple bar and the red bar from which it draws excess minutes)

Dates that need minutes backfilled will display a yellow bar, and may or may not display a green bar:

Bell Schedules

Bell Schedules specify how many minutes each period is worth. The default schedule/day can be found by going to Master Scheduler > Clicking on the Enrollment Period > Configure Enrollment Period > Configure Bell Schedule:

Based on the setup above, each period is worth 60 minutes. If a student attends P1-P6, then the student would have amounted 360 minutes on that day (180 of which would be Excess Minutes).

Clicking on the Configure Calendar button will bring up the Alternate Bell Schedules:

Each Alternate Bell Schedule uses the same period structure as the default, but different time ranges can be setup for each period. For example, each period can be made to be 30 minutes total, rather than the default 60 minutes. If a student attends P1-P6 for a date using this schedule, he/she would have amounted 180 minutes for that day, with 0 excess minutes.

If an Alternate Bell Schedule is configured later on in the school year, it will appear automatically in the Backfill page. However, the district will need to Recalculate Backfill Minutes. This can be done for each individual student, or in bulk:

The default Bell Schedule will apply for all schools days, while Alternate Bell Schedules can be configured on a weekly, or daily basis. Daily bell schedules override weekly and the default. Weekly bell schedules override only the default.


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