Copying Form Packet

When moving from year to year, instead of creating new form packets, you can simply archive  and copy over the existing form packets. This is a great time saver. And, for parents filling in the forms again for the following year, they have the option of copying over the data from the previously submitted form packet.

NOTE: In order to use this function, forms cannot have academic term-specific data. For example, if you put the year name on each form, you will not be able to copy forms, you will need to add new forms that have been updated with the new year.

To Copy a form packet, simply go to the Online Forms tab and click the “Copy” button next to the packet that you would like to duplicate:

You will see a pop-up appear. Here you can update the name and/or description of the new packet and you also have the option to archive the original packet.

You can update these fields or leave them as is:

Once you click copy, you will be taken to the new form. All settings and forms will be copied over to the new packet.


Copy Data from Previous Form

When you use the “Copy” function to copy the form packet, this will give users the option to use the Auto-Fill button when filling out forms in the copied packet. The function will auto-populate fields with data that have entered previously on forms. Mapped system fields will still populate for them automatically as well (based on the Auto-fill function):




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