How to View & Edit Transcripts Grades in Students' Records

Once Semester Grades are copied to Transcripts, students records will reflect past grades recorded in QuickSchools the same way historical and transfer credit already appears. Students who have had their grades copied will now have their most recent grades appear in the Transcripts tab of their student record as follows:

Each semester of either migrated or QuickSchool-recorded grades can be edited as follows:

  • Click on a Course to edit details for it including: location taught, name, grade earned, credits attempted, credits earned, and if the course is a repeated course
  • Click "Add Grade" to manually add a course in the case of students transferring credit from outside classes, exams, or experience

In addition, historical transfer credit from  can still be added through the " Add Semester" button at the top of the Transcripts tab in the student record (Where the Preview button and waiver options are also available)

If you have any questions on this or need any help, please feel free to let us know. You can also find the announcement post with additional links to Transcripts information here.

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