How to Copy Semester Grades into Transcripts

Semester grades and other grades can be copied to Transcripts through the "Copy Report Cards" page in Transcripts. The steps for moving Report Card grades to final transcript grades are as follows:

  1. Go to "Transcripts", then "Copy Report Cards"
  2. Enter the Meta-ID for the grades you want to move Transcripts. Semester 1 Transcript grades are called "sm1-letter-grade", while regular quarter letter grades are just called "letter-grade"
  3. Select the name of the Report Session that you want to copy from
  4. Click "Refresh Table"
  5. Select the students whose grades you want to copy to Transcripts (you can use the Advanced Search options to refine the list of students you see)
  6. Select the grades for those students you want to copy to Transcripts
  7. Click "Save"

Here's a look at where to find these options:

Transcripts Listing

Once you save the selection of grades, a scheduled task will be initialized.


The task will appear on the scheduled task table where you can monitor the progress.


Once the task has finished, the table will show the number of students and grades added under the Output column.


The report card grades will now appear in the Students' Transcript tab on their student record.

Of course, if you have any questions, please do let us know!



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