How to Bulk Update Absence Verification for Homeroom-based Attendance

QuickSchools attendance verification has the ability to mass-set verification codes for homeroom attendance. This is helpful if the student is away for multiple dates at once, and is also helpful to see the student's attendance status for the entire year.

The homeroom attendance verification is often for elementary schools. Here's what this screen looks like:



You can access this new screen by clicking on the "Bulk Update" button, which is next to the "Update" button that you've been using:

Here are the features of this page:

  • You can type any attendance code in any box, and the cursor will automatically move to the next box.
  • You can use left and right arrow keys to navigate.
  • You only need to enter one code, and not two separate statuses for the class teacher and for the absence verification. If the student is present, you can enter P, but if the student needs an absence verification code, just enter that code, i.e. V for Incomplete Independent Study. Attendance verification codes are available at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can press spacebar or backspace to clear the attendance for a particular day.
  • You can click on the talk bubble icon next to the date to enter comments.
  • You can print the calendar for the entire year by clicking on the "Print Details" button on the top bar or download the summary using the “Print Summary” button.
  • You can keep the scroll position to the current date, and navigate to another student using the "Prev" or "Next" buttons on the navigator box. Any attendance changes will automatically be saved.
  • You can also directly jump to a particular student by clicking on the student name in the navigator box at the top right of your screen on Attendance Verification. This will then bring up a list of students you can jump to. Again, any attendance changes you've made will be automatically saved.



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