Reporting on Section-Based Attendance Verification Codes

For secondary schools,  we just rolled out reporting via Report Creator for Attendance Verification for Section-Based attendance. When you need to run a report on verified section attendance, just go to Report Creator and select the Attendance module (as well as any other needed modules or data) under Core Modules. The new reporting options will be available as follows:


Be sure to select the following fields:
  • Date column and Period Number under "Attendance Data"
  • Verification info under "Section Attendance Verification"
  • Subject Name under "Additional Info"

Reporting on section-based verified attendance works the exact same as any other attendance report. For Unverified Section Attendance, we recommend setting the "Period Verification (Code)" filter to "A" (for Absent). You can of course filter by date as well:


This is the same report you can use for the nightly attendance calls for secondary schools with section attendance. Please feel free to test out this feature and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Document 17MR1213R

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