How to Send Phone Surveys

Phone Surveys (Robo Calls) are very helpful for spreading the word about updates or sending information home to a larger group of students. Because the system works with the Custom Reporting framework, you can generate a call list of students based on any criteria you need.

The steps for using this powerful feature are as follows:

  1. Go To "Parent Messaging" > "Phone Surveys"

  2. Click "Create New Survey" and fill in the basic details like "Survey" name, and "Languages".

  3. In Part 1, start with crafting the message by clicking on the "Edit" link on the right. You can use place holders for where the system will read out fields from a report (more on this later).

    Once you're satisfied with the text, go ahead and click "Update". Here's an example message:
    • "Hello [parent]. We'd like to inform you that [student first name] was absent from school today. Please contact the school at your convenience"
  4. Next, click on "Manage Recordings". You can now record the various elements of the message (minus the place holders). Just click on the "Record" link, specify a phone number, the system will call you, and you can record your message over the phone. Once you're satisfied with all the recordings, you can proceed to Part 2.
  5. Part 2 is the trickiest part, since this is where you define the recipients of your Robo call, using the Report Creator interface. Be sure to include the "Student ID" (since it's a required field), as well as any place holders you're using, in your report. When you're happy with the results of the report "Save" and then "Close" the report.

  6. Before you can finish Part 2, you will need to map the place holders from your message with columns in your report, by using the dropdowns on the left.
  7. Finally, at the bottom of the screen, you can either click "Send Survey Call" to broadcast the call immediately.

    Or, you can click on "Schedule Survey Call" to send the call later. 

    You can also set the call to be sent daily or weekly at a certain time. Simply select the "Repeat" checkbox and then chose either the "Repeat every day" or "Repeat every week day" options. 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact QuickSchools. Thanks!

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