QuickSchools Standards-Based Gradebook (SBG)

The QuickSchool's Standards-Based Gradebook (SBG) is a unique solution as a gradebook that is entirely reconceptualized for standards-based grading. It's more than an add-on to the regular QS Gradebook, but rather it's its very own technology. Let's take a look at how to use this system! 

Finding the Gradebook

Once Administrators enable this app from the App Store, every teacher should have a link to the SB Gradebook in their menu bar. It may be located in a different location within the menu bar if you have different modules enabled than colleagues or administrators, but the link should appear as follows:

To get to a specific subject’s gradebook:

  1. Click the SB Gradebook link
  2. Use the subject dropdown that appears to select the subject you want to view. Like the regular gradebook, you can type or search the dropdown to jump to a subject.

Adding Standards

Standards Sets are collections of grading standards - for example, all standards for a particular subject and grade will be in a standard set for that subject and grade. There are three ways to add your grading standards to your SB Gradebook. Each start with the same first step.

  1. Click the Add Standard Button


A dialog will appear with options for all three methods of adding standards

Method 1: By Standards Set

  1. Click in the first box on the dialog that appears.
  2. Type the name of the standard set you would like to add and select it from the dropdown (this should filter results as you type).
  3. Click Add

Note: These standards are created via Standards tab. If you want to populate next semester with the same standards, make sure to add standards via Standards tab.

Method 2: By Individual Standard

  1. Click in the second box on the dialog that appears.
  2. Start typing the ID of the individual standard set you would like to add. The ID is a shortened version of the name of the standard. Select the ID of the standard from the dropdown (this should filter results as you type). You may add multiple standards at once.
  3. Click Add

Method 3: Custom Standards

  1. Click in the third box on the dialog that appears.
  2. Type the ID you would like to use to identify your standard.
  3. Type a description for your standard
  4. Click Add


Once standards are added to the Gradebook, they will appear that the top of the screen. Mouse over each standard to read its description.


Adding Assessments

Once standards are added, you can create Assessments for them. Assessments are assignments, observations, or other grades that show students’ mastery of standards’ concepts or skills.

Assessments are added via the Add Assessment button.


Each assessment is it’s own page, which is generated when you Add it. Or, it can be accessed from the Assessment List button any time.

To enter assessments:

  1. Click the Add Assessment button
  2. Select Standards assessed from the left side of the page
  3. Select students who took this assessment from the right side of the page
  4. Click “Next”
  5. Enter the Name of the Assessment, select the category, and Date.
  6. Enter Grades for each student
  7. Click Save


Reviewing Gradebook

Once standards and assessments are entered in the SB Gradebook, there are tons of ways to view student and class grades. The SB Gradebook has functionality to show assessment grades by student and by standard. It also supports adding quick reassessments if students have had individual opportunities to improve their mastery of a particular standard.

Students’ Grades on Assessments

Every assessment for a student is visible from the SB Gradebook directly. Click on a student’s name to see a list of their their assessments, grouped by standard:


Assessments by Standard

To view the assessments that comprise students’ grades for a standard, click on the Standard header in the SB Gradebook.

Assessment Summary Information

Summary information, is available for every assessment created in a SB Gradebook is available by clicking the Assessment List button. This summary information includes Name, Date, Standards, and Number of Students Assessed. The summary information rows also work as a link to go back to the original assessment page, so you can edit the assessment’s information or change multiple students’ grades.

To edit the assessment information and/or multiple students’ grades for an assessment:

  1. Click on the Assessment List button
  2. Click on the assessment you would like to edit. This will direct you back to the page created when you Added an assessment.
  3. Update assessment and/or student information and Save 


In case a student needs to be reassessed on a particular standard, a quick link for reassessments are available by clicking on the student’s grade in the SB Gradebook. Here are the steps for reassessments: 

  1. Click on a student’s Standard average in the SB Gradebook
  2. Click on the green Reassessment button on the new page
  3. Enter the Reassessment grade
  4. Click Save


One of the great things about the SB Gradebook is that it comes with a lot of student progress and performance analysis tools built in. In this section, we’re going to look at using these tools to get a better picture of how the class is doing.

Run Analysis

The Run Analysis button generates three reports in the SB Gradebook for reviewing students’ and class-wide progress.


Here’s how to find these reports:

  1. Add Standards and Assessments as needed (see prior sections)
  2. Click the Run Analysis button at the top right
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  4. Click on the three tabs, Class Averages, Weakest Standards, and Class Ranking to view their information

Class Overall Mastery Average

This report shows a bar graph of the number of students who are at each level of performance: Proficient, Developing, or Novice.


Weakest Standards

The five (5) standards with the lowest assessment grades are listed in order of lowest to highest class average. The number of students who have achieved Proficient level appear with each standard alongside their current averages in that standard.

Class Rank

This final report lists the students in the class by final average, in descending order.

Class Average by Standard

The class-wide average for each standard is visible in the top row of the SB Gradebook, in the row labeled Class Average.


Final Grade

The last column in the SB Gradebook is the Final Grade column. It shows students’ holistic average on all standards. The calculation for this is currently configured by the administration. Mousing over the Final Grade box for a particular student reveals the exact calculation.


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