How to Copy Students' Grades between Gradebooks

When students move between classes in the middle of a marking period, often times their grades need to transfer from their old class to their new one. QuickSchools has a handy wizard built into the Gradebook to allow you to do just that. Here's how it works.

First, head to your Gradebook by clicking on the "Gradebook" link in the menu bar.

Next, click on the student name on the Gradebook roster. This will bring up an additional menu:

From here, you can view all subjects that the student is taking (or has taken), including dropped/deleted courses. If you click on a subject, it will bring up a PDF of the students grade from that gradebook (which you can print for your records). However, what's interesting here is the Copy function. Clicking on it will bring up the copy interface:


From here, there are 2 things you can do. First, right at the top, you can include additional students to be copied from the same gradebook. Just include their names in the provided area. Secondly, you can map columns from the original gradebook to your existing gradebook. If this is a simple section change that you are already teaching, the columns will map automatically based on the column names. However, if you are taking over a class from another teacher, you will need to create the corresponding columns before hand. Or, you can opt to simply create a single column, and only copy over the final grade from the other gradebook:

Gradebook Copy Completed

Once you click "Copy Grades", the system will let you know how many cells were copied over. If your gradebook already has grades, the copy will NOT override your existing entries with data from the other gradebook.

Finally, you can review the imported cells which are highlighted. And when you're happy, simply Save to commit your changes.

Do let us know if there are improvements you'd like to see in this feature. Thanks!

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