Teacher Rosters / Reports

Teachers have the ability to generate PDF reports of their current roster by date range from the "Teacher Reports" section. Administrators are able to run these reports for any teacher's classrooms. Here is a breakdown of available reports:

Generate Attendance Report provides all attendance data for your classes between the Start and End Dates that appear on the Teacher Reports screen.

Generate Substitute Roster is, essentially, an empty Attendance Roster. It gives days between the Start and End Dates on the top row, with the students in each class in the far left column. When printed out, this can be used, by substitute teachers especially, to take attendance on paper.

Empty Roster is essentially a Substitute Roster without a room number or any dates on top and can be generated by going to "Teachers" then searching for yourself and clicking on your name.

All of these reports will open as a new tab in your browser which can be reviewed and downloaded as you see fit.

Of course, if you have any questions, please do feel free to contact us any time!  

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