How to Tag Articles

Tagging / Labelling articles is really important for the functionality of Help Center as it gives users some expanded search options based on text that may not be directly in the article. As such, please never post an article without tagging it property. That said, here are some suggestions on how to do this! 

User-Type Tags - we've created tags for all of the types of users in QS (Admin, Teachers, Students, and Parents). Please use this tags to indicate which users this article impacts the most

School-Type Tags - we've created tags for educational institutions: District, Public, Private, Higher Education, Vocational Education, Language Schools, Adult Education, and Extracurricular. Please tag an article with all the types of educational institutions that in your opinion this article will impact (this does not need to be an exact science). 

Module/App Tags - most other tags are modules/app names (Student Profile, Report Creator, Standards Based Gradebook, Fee Tracking, etc.). Please tag articles with any modules that are discussed or shown in the article.

Special Tags - the remaining tags are special topics (Custom Reporting, Standard Charges, etc.). Please use or create these as appropriate. 



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