Mass-Generate & Email Statements

The Fee Tracking module allows you to mass generate statements for multiple students/families, as well as automatically email those statements to their parents or designated primary payers.

Simply go to Fee Tracking > check the family/students whom you need to generate statements > click the down arrow at the top left corner of the table > click Generate Statement:

Fill out the dialog that appears to create a statement:

Checking "Email Statement on Generation" will automatically send the generated statements to the students' primary payers once you click the Mass Generate Statements button.

You will then see the generated statement upon opening a student's account under Fee Tracking:

Email Latest Statement - allows you to mass email the latest statements to the parents/designated payers at any point in time. Please note that you won't be asked to confirm the sending of emails when you click Email Latest Statement - your statements will go out once you click it

Print Latest Statement - allows you to bulk print the latest statements of students.

Additional Notes:

  • If Family Billing is turned on, statements will be sent only to the students' designated primary payers.
  • If Family Billing is turned off, statements will be sent to all students' parents listed in student profile.
  • If College Level Settings is enabled, statements will be sent to students instead of parents. This is whether you send statements via Generate Statement or Email Latest StatementIf you’d rather have the billing statements sent to parents, please send us a request at

If you have any questions or need any help, do feel free to let us know. 


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