Scheduling Survey Calls for a Later Date

When you create a Phone Survey, you have the option to send it immediately or schedule the call for a future time. When you schedule the call, you can also chose whether the call goes out once or is sent out regularly. Here is a look at both of these options.

Schedule a Single Call

When you schedule a call to go out, the system will ask you for the date and time you would like the call to be set. Simply fill in these fields, fill in the Description Text so you can find your call easily in the History and click the "Add" button to add the survey to the scheduled Pending Calls.


Schedule Multiple Calls

The "Repeat" checkbox enables you to set if the call goes out weekly ("Repeat on weekdays") or every day ("Repeat Daily"). Simply fill out the dialog box the same as if you were scheduling a single call, but be sure to check the repeat box. Then, select which 'repeat' style you prefer.

How to View Call History

Once you have scheduled a call, the "View Pending/Send Calls" link in the Phone Surveys module will let you see the call history for sent calls as well as any immediately upcoming scheduled calls.

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