How to Invite Parents (BETA) to Submit Online Forms

UPDATE: This article has been updated. Please see link below to see the latest documentation on this subject:

Automatically inviting parents is now supported in Online Forms for Online Registration. When you create a new Submission, parents will receive an email with the link to the registration form and their submission number.

Create a new Submission from the 'View Submissions' section of an Online Form packet:

Save Subm.png

When you save their submission, parents automatically receive a confirmation email with the link to the form and their reference number:

The link brings parents to the Retrieve Submission page so they can get started:

Using their reference number, parents can access their saved submission and start filling out their online registration forms!

Of course, please do test this out before sending real submissions to new parents. If you have any questions come up as you try the system or once you start sending submissions, please do contact us - we'd love to help out!

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