FAQ on A2A Integration

QuickSchools has the ability to integration with an attendance tracking system, A2A, so we wanted to take a moment to explain how this component works. Please feel free to read on for a simple FAQ and/or chat in or email us if you have further questions!

What is A2A?

A2A (Attention2Attendance) is an attendance tracking system used for monitoring attendance on a district-wide level.

Why do we integrate with A2A?

Where QuickSchools is used for taking attendance, verifying attendance, and storing the data, A2A helps with interpreting these results on a district-wide level. For example, A2A is geared toward looking for issues like chronic absenteeism, while QuickSchools is for recording the days that students missed.

Do I need to anything to turn it on for my school?

Nope! Since A2A integration is district-wide, it's already setup and running for the district account.

Do I have to do anything to send data/reports to A2A?

Also, nope! The A2A integration runs nightly and automatically in the background. Administrators do not have to send reports on their own.

What do I have to do for A2A?

Just keep your attendance verified and up-to-date and keep your student and parent contact information current. Every night, when the integration runs, QuickSchools sends all verified attendance and all student/parent contact information to A2A, including all changes and updates. Keeping these records accurate ensures the data QuickSchools sends to A2A to use and analyze is correct.

What happens to the data sent over to A2A if I correct a student's attendance several days later?

We'll send the updates with that night's attendance data - the system is built to support necessary changes to attendance that are made after the fact.

What information, exactly, is sent to A2A?

Two things: all verified attendance records for all students for all district sites is sent to A2A and all student/parent contact info.

Further Questions?

We hope this helps address your questions regarding the A2A integration. Of course, if there is anything outstanding, please feel free to come chat or send us an email any time.


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