Troubleshooting Attendance Overview Reports (ADA)

California Public Schools can opt to use the Attendance Overview system to generate ADA reports for state and federal reporting. This add-on to the usual Attendance module is a very powerful module which handles all of the summarization and calculation. However, because the system doesn't impose what is "correct" attendance for students, when administrators generate reports there are often a few questions that the module gives back for review and reconciliation. Here's a look at these flags and some suggestions on how to resolve them. 

"Missing Attendance Records"

Problem: Students do not have attendance records on days in which they were enrolled.

Background: ADA is designed to report students' attendance for days when they are enrolled (expected to be in school). If students must be tracked as present, absent, or tardy for every day that they are in school.

Because this issue speaks to a discrepancy in enrollment and attendance, these two need to be reconciled. If students have an enrollment date or drop date that's inaccurate, for example, then the system will flag the day(s) as "missing". Alternatively, if students did not have attendance taken on a particular day for whatever reason, they will need to have their attendance entered.

Solutions: Depending on the issue, you may need to edit the Enrollment Date, edit the Drop (Leave) Date, or Enter attendance. Here are some quick instructions on how to do each of these.

Edit Enrollment Date: To edit the enrollment date for the students' most recent Enrollment date, simply go to their record, scroll down a bit and click the Enrollment date to change it. To edit a historical enrollment date (for example, if a student left and then came back), go to their record, then click the "History" link next to their "Status" - on the right, near the Actions dropdown. Select the historical enrollment from the enrollment history and click in the Exit date field to edit. 

Edit Drop (Leave) Date: To edit the leave date for the students' most recent enrollment, go to their record, then click the "Actions" button and select the Edit Leave Date option. Change the date in the dialog box that appears. To edit a historical leave date (for example, if a student then came back), go to their record, then click the "History" link next to their "Status" - on the right next, near the Actions dropdown. Select the historical enrollment from the enrollment history and click in the Exit date field to edit. 

Attendance: If you need to take attendance for an individual student, go to their Record and select the attendance tab, then click on the date you need to take attendance. A dialog button will appear and you can enter attendance for that student. Alternatively, if a teacher missed a day of attendance, simply head over to the attendance module, jump to the date in question, and click "Take Attendance" to start entering students' attendance

"Attendance on Days Not Enrolled" 

Problem: Students have attendance entered for days before their start date and/or after their drop date. 

Background: Students are only allowed to count toward ADA when they are enrolled at school and at class (or supposed to be in class). However, because the Enrollment and Attendance systems operate a somewhat independently, it's possible for example to enroll a student, take attendance, and edit their enrollment date such that the attendance exists on a day when the student wasn't supposed to be there. Or, students were enrolled and had attendance taken correctly, but someone accidentally took a single day of attendance for them via the Student Record.

Solution: Assuming the Enrollment Date and/or Exit Date are correct (if they're not - you can edit them per the instructions above), then all that needs to happen is the erroneous attendance should be deleted. 

Deleting Attendance: Go to the student's record --> Attendance Tab. Then, click on the day of attendance to delete and click the "Delete" button at the bottom right of the dialog box that appears for that day

"Other Problems" 

Problem: Attendance Programs' dates are incorrect

Background: Special Attendance Programs are used to track students' enrollment or involvement with programs at their school which may require their ADA to be counted differently. For example, if a student is in Home/Hospital because of an extended absence, the Programs system in the student record is used to note what the start and end date of their involvement in the Home/Hospital system. Similarly, if a student is enrolled in a school as a Secondary Enrollment so they can take a class not offered at their own school, they will have a Secondary Enrollment program. 

Because a student may only be counted in one program at one site at any given moment, their program start and end dates must be correct. If there is strange behavior such as a start date for a program starting before the student enrolled in the school, for example, then the student will be flagged in the "Other Problems" list. 

Solution: Go to the Student Record → "Programs" tab and edit a student's currently enrolled program to fix.

We hope this guide through ADA helps! Of course, if you have any questions, please do feel free to contact support any time. 

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