Tracking Teacher Overages

Administrators are now able to generate and export Reports for Teacher Overages. Let’s walk through the basic How-Tos of the module.

Generating an Overages Report

The Teacher Overages tab of the module is where you’ll run your report.  Start by specifying the date in the Month dropdown

2015-11-02 - rchs (Rancho Cotate High School)

Then click Run Report to generate an Overages table directly in the module.

When you have a report you’re happy with, click the Export Report button to generate an Excel copy of your report automatically.  

Teacher Setup

You may have noticed a TYPE column in your Overages report. Type is used to define the Overage threshold for a teacher. All Teachers by default are Educators Type, meaning Overages are only calculated for them when daily enrollment totals are over 150 for the day. If a teacher falls under the  PE/Performance Type, or has 6 or more periods (not outside their contract,) then a different overage calculation is used. So  you’ll need to specify those teachers in the Teacher Setup tab so that overages can be calculated correctly.

As you type your teacher names into the applicable field a dropdown will generate so you can easily select the correct name.  

Once you have all PE/Performance Educators and Educators with 6+ Periods added to the appropriate fields hit ‘Save’ (you won’t need to do anything with System Parameters at this time.)

Now return to the Teacher Overages tab, select the correct Month and check the Refresh report check box. Now click Run Report to generate a report with your latest changes.  

2015-11-02 - rchs (Rancho Cotate High School)

You should see the Type column updated and consistent with your Teacher Setup specifications:

Thanks for reading and be sure to let us know if you have any questions/comments about your Teacher Overages report, about the module itself and, as always, ways you might like to see the module improved in the future!

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