Generating Average Daily Attendance (ADA) Reports from Attendance Overview

QuickSchools' ADA reporting system is available in the Attendance Overview tab in the Attendance Tab for school-site and district-level admin (as determined by your district's policies). The system is able to generate custom interactive reports online that are quickly and easily downloaded to PDF for submission. Here's the process for generating these reports and some info on how they work: 

  • Go to Attendance menu, then Attendance Overview submenu.
  • Then, manually enter the start and end dates for your attendance reporting period.


  • You'll see the various attendance programs below
image (1)
  • You can leave "Filter" blank. (Filters are setup further down the page and can be used to zoom in on ADA for a particular subset of students, if you would like to look at a custom set of students' ADA).
  • Click "Run" next to a relevant program. One program can be run at a time (though you can run multiple programs simultaneously to compare to each other if you open up your QuickSchools account in multiple tabs in your browser). You'll see your ADA report for that program, which you can Preview/Download.

  • Any errors are listed at the top of the report. Because the the ADA Report is interactive, you can click into the links shown to investigate the errors. For example, in the screen above, it says "5 students have attendance records taken on dates they were not enrolled." You can click that, and it'll show a report:
  • You can also click on any number in the columns "Gains", "Losses", "Days not enrolled" and "Days absent". That will give you an exact view of what's behind the number.
  • For section-based attendance schools only:  you can click on any bullet point and it will open up the Absence Verification screen for that student so you can make fixes without having to navigate away.
  • Click the "Preview" button to generate the report as a PDF to review in your browser and the "Download" button to download it to your computer. 
Of course, if you have any questions at all, please do feel free to contact us any time!  
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