Gradebook Autofill (Down)

This nifty feature should help make grading go a bit quicker: you can now autofill empty grades. Whether an entire Gradebook column is empty, just a few students are missing grades, or you need to override all students' grades for an assignment, with a new value, Gradebook autofill smartly updates students' grades with a value that you chose. Let's take a quick look:

Gradebook autofill is available in the first row of any Gradebook column

After clicking on the autofill icon, you have the option to setup how you want to enter grades. The configuration box looks like this:

Gradebook autofill options are very configurable.
Gradebook autofill options are very configurable.

There are all sorts of applications for Gradebook autofill - feel free to test this feature out and let us know how it works for you. Of course, if you have any questions, please do chat in any time.

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