Student Record Tags

On the student record in QuickSchools, you can tag students, and those tags will appear on the main Students listing. Online Forms lets you release forms to students with specific tags and you can also search in the Students module for students based on their tags.


This is also useful to show important information regarding the student like Allergies, Suspensions and so on. Once the Tagging feature is enabled, you can set tags for the student in the Student record.


To turn on this feature, just go to “Settings” > “Turn Features On / Off”, and click on the “Configure” link for “Student Tracking”. You should see the following near the bottom of the page (just below “Student notes”):



You can also add student tags in these modules:

  • Attendance
  • Discipline
  • Documents
  • Health

To add tags for specific modules, open the students account and then access the tab, then type in the name of your tag and be sure to save your changes!


Health Tags (this tab would be visible if the Health app is installed in your account)




Attendance Tags




Discipline Tags




Document Tags




You can distinguish the tags added to modules and tags added directly to the student account through the box color. Tags directly entered in the student record is colored green.

If needed, you can customize the names of the tags added under modules by adding brackets around your text; however, we suggest to avoid this if possible so that you can easily identify where the tag is coming from.

You can use the Report Creator to run a report on student tags.

The tags directly entered in the student record can be displayed on modules such as Attendance, Report Cards and Gradebook.



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