Enrolling a Student into a Grade-Level & Class

For schools on QuickSchools for Public Schools, there are additional layers in place for checking students' enrollment (much of this is for the purpose of managing ADA reporting). As such, when you create a new student record for a new enrollee, you'll want to follow these steps for getting them setup in their Grade. 

  1. Go to Students → "Add New Student" to create a new student record. You will not be able to edit the Grade Level from this screen. 

  2. Go to "Classes & Class Teachers", then scroll down to the student's Grade-Level
  3. Click on the number of enrolled students for that Grade
  4. Type your new student's name into the "Enroll Student Field" on the new screen that appears & Save

Now, you can enroll the student in their Class Teacher's class by clicking the enrollment number for their class teacher and adding the student. You can also check out the doc here for more info on this. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! 

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