Configuring and Using the Class Teachers Module

The Classes & Class Teachers module is designed for schools where there are multiple classrooms per grade and where teachers teach all of the subjects offered (this is generally the model for Elementary schools). The module allows you to link specific subjects to a teachers' name so that when you enroll students into a teacher's class, they get all of the subjects a teacher teaches. 

Here's a look at the process for how to set this up and a summary of how this impacts enrollment on a daily basis. 

Setup Templatize Subjects

To get started, head to the Classes & Class Teachers module.


Then, (assuming you've already created subjects for a teacher), click "Edit Subjects".


Then, click "Add All Subjects". This is the step that "links" the subjects to the teacher.

Next, save then go to "Edit Enrollment". You'll see a table of all of the students in a teacher's homeroom and what subjects they are enrolled in.

To add all students to a teacher's classes (if the boxes are not already checked off), simply click the "Enroll all students in all subjects". If you need to enroll specific students in specific classes, use the checkboxes available, then "Ok". 


Daily Use

Once the Class Teachers' subjects are setup, it means that even as you roll between terms, the link rolls forward with you. As such, when you enroll a new students and set their Class Teacher, when you Save the student, they will be enrolled into their Teacher's subjects.

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, do let us know. 

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