Ending the Current Academic Year

Here is a list of steps that you should go over at the end of the school year, prior to running the End-Of-Year Process. Some of these steps are optional, and can be done out of sequence, or even after the end of the year:

STEP 1: Set up Students who are retained, promoted or graduated

QuickSchools will automatically promote and graduate all students by default based on their current grade level. However, you can set-up exceptions via the "Year-End Processing" section on the student record. For example, if a student is being retained a grade, or if a student is skipping a grade level, you can use the steps below to indicate to the system how the student will be treated when moving to the next school year.

When accessing a student record, the "Year-End Processing" section will display different options based on the students grade level. For example, students who are in their final year at school will have options for "Retention" or "Graduation", while others may have "Retention" and "Promotion". The available fields will be customized based on the action you select.

Note, the Year-End Processing will also contain other fields like "Next Homeroom Teacher" or "Next Track". These are all optional fields. If all fields are left blank, the students will auto-promote or auto-graduate at their current school.

Once you've completed setting up all your exceptions for Retention, Promotion and Graduation, you can run a report based off the "Student District Data" module in the Report Creator. You can then review and confirm that students are being handled properly for the next school year.

STEP 2A: Pre-Enrolling / Transferring Students from another Site

If a student is transferring from/to another site (within your district), you can use the same section (described above in Step 1) to set the Next Grade, Next Class Teacher and so on.

There are 2 ways on how this is handled:

OPTION 1: The current school can indicate the next school for the student. Then when the new school year starts, the system will automatically transfer the student record to the new school.

OPTION 2: The new school can pre-enroll the student from the current school. These students are designated as "Pre-Enrolled" at the new site. You can use the "Students" > "District-Wide Search" for this:


Pre-Enrolled students do not appear in your active roster. You have to use the Advanced Search to "Show ONLY pre-enrolled students":

When accessing a Pre-Enrolled student, the "Year-End Processing " section will be replaced with a "Pre-Enrollment" section, with the same fields as if you were doing a promotion or retention. Changing the students pre-enrollment information at the new school will also change the students promotion/retention information at the current school:

Note that a student can only be pre-enrolled at a single new school. Schools will NOT be able to pre-enroll a student into their school, if the student is already pre-enrolled into another school, UNLESS the current school Clears the Retention/Promotion data. This effectively removes the student's pre-enrollment at the "Next School".

In the example below, the student is already pre-enrolled in another school, and so the option to pre-enroll the student into the new school is not available:

STEP 2B: Pre-Enrolling New Students (OPTIONAL)

If a new student is starting at your site before the new school year begins, you can add the new student directly into your site, but be sure to check the "Pre-Enrollment" check box. This again indicates that the student is NOT part of current active enrollment:

You can use the same "Pre-Enrollment" section (described above in Step 2A) to set the Next Grade, Next Class Teacher and so on.

After the new school year starts, new students should be added as normal (without checking the "Pre-enrollment" box), because the student will be enrolling directly into the new (and currently active) academic term.

STEP 3: Lock all report cards (OPTIONAL)

Report Cards are not required to be locked when closing out the school year, but it makes to lock them for safe keeping. Parents will NOT be able to view report cards on their Parent Portal until the report cards have been locked AT LEAST ONCE. You can lock report cards under the "Report Cards" > "Setup Report Cards" menu. Just click on the "Manage" link to bring up a list of report card sessions:

Finally, click on "Lock Report Cards".

STEP 4: Lock Gradebook System Columns (OPTIONAL)

If you are a high school using the Gradebook Default Columns (which create orange columns in your numerical Gradebook), you can lock the system columns, so that teachers are unable to make changes after the school year ends. You can do this under the "Grading Setup" > "Grading Configuration" menu, near the bottom of the screen:

Just click on a record, and make sure the "Lock this column" box is checked:

Locked Gradebook system columns can be unlocked later by unchecking the designated box.

STEP 5: Copy grades to transcripts (OPTIONAL)

One your report cards are finalized and locked, you can copy the final grades from your report cards to your transcripts. You can do this under the "Transcripts" > "Copy Report Card Grades" menu:

Please note that the meta-id required varies from school to school, and from academic term to academic term, depending on the selected report card template. Please contact your QuickSchools representative for this information.

For more details in copying grades into Transcript, please check out How To Copy Semester Grades Into Transcripts

STEP 6: Confirm Program Settings (completed by district office)

Certain programs will end automatically at the end of the school year. Please review the settings for all your programs. This can be done under the "District Configuration" > "Program Setup" menu. 

Be sure to check "Automatically Set End Date at Year End" as appropriate.

STEP 7: Close out attendance (completed by district office)

This is a reminder. You should be reviewing all attendance records, and submitting ADA reporting as appropriate. Please lock your attendance months as appropriate too.

STEP 8: Confirm graduating seniors

This is a reminder. You should review all graduating seniors, and updating their graduation status as part of Step 1. 

STEP 9: Review Specific Reports for Data Anomalies

In the report creator, you can search for "EOY" to get a list of reports that will help you analyze and fix your data for the end of the school year:

Here's a more detailed description of what each report can be used for:

  • Discipline Incident Violations with No Violation Codes: All Discipline Incident violations should have a violation code. If a code is missing, please add a code, or remove the violation from the incident

  • Pre-Enrolled Student with No Next Grade: All Pre-Enrolled students should have a Next Grade assigned so that the grade level can be activated when we begin the new school year. These are like New Students. Please refer to step 2A on how to set up the Next Grade:

  • Retentions and Promotions (Pre-Enrollment): Use this report to review all exceptions for Promotions and Retentions. You can also review this report to review where students are transferring to:



Once all the steps above are completed and verified, your district administrator can run the End-Of-Year process, which will do the following:

  • Students who have been designated to graduate (or leave) will be deactivated.
  • Enrollment histories will be updated accordingly.
  • Students will be dropped from their current grade level, class teacher (homeroom), and track
  • Students will be dropped from their sections (for Master Scheduler)
  • Student will be dropped from any applicable programs

Once these steps are completed, you can review enrollment history for students who graduated or transferred schools. Good luck!





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