Recreating Parent Logins

At schools that use RapidIdentity (CRPUSD), occasionally it happens that a parent has a RI identity but cannot access the school they are supposed to be able to see. Here are the steps to create their user: 

  1. Log into the parent's student's school 
  2. Go to the Students module and find the student
  3. Go to the Parent record and give them a mailinator email. Save.
  4. Go to the Parent Portal module, search for the parent and invite them.
  5. Activate the email via the invite email sent to your created mailinator email. 
  6. Go to Control, search for the school
  7. Open "Set Passwords" and find the parent record you just created
  8. Click on the name of the parent you just created
  9. Edit the username to be the exact username for the parent (it's everything that comes before the @ in their crpusd email)
  10. Test logging in via the username

Of course, if you have any questions, just HipChat :) 

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