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Public school users of Messaging might have a tab saying “Call Parents” instead of “Voice Messaging”. “Call Parents” is essentially a more powerful version of “Voice Messaging”, with both a higher degree of control over calls sent out and enhanced transparency over data.

To send calls via Call Parents:

1. Open your QuickSchools account and navigate over to Messaging
2. From within Messaging, click the Call Parents tab
3. Add a voice message, either pre-recorded from the sidebar (PRE-RECORDED VOICE MESSAGE) or by recording it now. To record a voice message:

  • Click “Record a message now”
  • Enter a name for the message into the field labelled “Name this message”
  • Enter a phone number for QuickSchools to call for recording your message into the “Phone to ring” field
  • Click “Call me now” and wait while QuickSchools calls the phone number you entered
  • Once your phone rings, pick up the call and immediately begin your message; hang up promptly once you’re finished with your message
  • Wait until QuickSchools receives your message onscreen

4. Tell the system who to call in the “To the parents of” field
5. Initiate sending, either immediately or later on

  • Select “Send now” to begin sending messages to the group specified in “To the parents of”
  • Click “Schedule for later” and follow the onscreen instructions sending of your message at a specific time later


To gain insight into your Call Parents data:

1. Begin by scrolling down to the bottom of Call Parents. Here, you’ll find a blue table which on its own has significant information about calls, including date- and timestamps, senders, and the statuses of calls
2. Click on the row of the blue table containing the call you need information about, to open up the Voice call completed page
3. Wait several seconds (or more, depending on your Internet connection) for the page to load. If you get a white screen at first, don’t worry!
4. This opens up the “Voice call completed” page. For a summary view of your message, see the top row of categories; the bottom tables will provide granular information into individual calls


Note that this new Call Parents functionality also has the ability to cancel phone messages after sending begins!


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