Building Your SPRG Extract

Organization of this Document

This document has four major parts:  (a) an overview of the SPRG extract, (b) A table of each of the the fields in the SPRG extract, (c) a set of input screens, (d) creating the extract.

Overview of SPRG Extract

Purpose: The purpose of the SPRG (Student Programs) extract is to report certain program enrollment information to CALPADS. The programs that fall under the SPRG domain are 504 Accommodation Plan, Opportunity Program, California Partnership Academy, NCLB Title I Part A Basic Targeted, Gifted and Talented Education (GATE), Title X McKinney-Vento Homeless Program, Title I Part C Migrant, Special Education, Pregnant or Parenting Programs, NCLB Title I, Free or Reduced Price Meal Program, CAHSEE Intensive Instruction, Free Meal Program, Reduced-Price Meal Program, Transitional Kindergarten, and Homeless Program. A school district will generally offer many, though not necessarily all, of these programs.

Timeline:  The SPRG extract may be submitted at any time of year, and is required during the Fall 1 and End-of-Year 1 snapshots.   See the CALPADS File Specifications document for more information.

Some of the fields in the SPRG are computer generated and cannot be directly changed by the user.  Other fields can be changed by the user.

For some students a legal name and/or gender override field is appropriate.  The regular student screen is the public name and gender.  If a student’s legal name and/or gender is different from the public name, enter the legal name and gender in the Legal Name and Gender Override screen.

Updating Data Reported in the SPRG Extracts

Within QuickSchools, some of the data reported in the SPRG extracts can be edited directly; some can be edited indirectly, and other data cannot be edited.  The following table shows the programs and the update capability from within QuickSchools.  

The following graphic shows the programs available for data entry and storage directly in QuickSchools.

Programs not displayed above are stored in external databases with limited access for adding, editing or deleting within QuickSchools.  Examples of this are Free and Reduced Lunch, Special Education, and Transitional Kindergarten.

Table of Fields

The following table shows the fields included the CALPADS Student Information (SPRG) extract.  The tab and screen in QuickSchools is provided to help locate the appropriate location for entering and changing information.  Some fields are generated by the system logic and cannot be changed directly by the user.

*School of Attendance is changed by unenrolling the student from the current school, then re-enrolling the student in the new school.

**Student legal first name, middle name, last name and gender may be overridden using the Legal Name and Gender Override screen.

 Fields organized by Input Screens

Student Profile Screen
Navigation:  Student Profile → CALPADS

Add Program Enrollment
Navigation:  Student → Programs → “+ Add Program”

Notes:  You may leave the program end date empty.  It will be autofilled by the computer.

Edit Program Enrollment
Navigation:  Student → Programs → (click on specific program)

Editing of Transitional Kindergarten
Navigation:  Student → Profile → Grade (History)

Transitional Kindergarten can be indirectly edited by updating the grade level history.  
Click on (History) next to the Grade drop-down menu.

Click on “View Full History”