Student Enrollment Basics

How to Enroll a New Student
To enroll a new students go to the “Students” tab and click on the green “Add Student” button:

You must at least enter a Student Name, Grade Level and Enrollment date in order to add the student record.

If you miss one of these fields you will encounter the following error when adding the student:

Once you click “Save” the student will be enrolled and their record will then appear in the student listing:

If you open the student record you will see that the student’s status is set to “Enrolled”:

Scroll down in the student’s record to add in additional information such as: parent/sibling information, CALPADS information, district of residence, etc:

School Enrollment History
The enrollment history for the student is tracked in the student account.
To view a student’s enrollment history click the “(History)” link next to “Status”

This will open the “School Enrollment History” dialogue box:

Things to know about “School Enrollment History”:

  • The enrollment history tracks a continuous status when a student was enrolled in the same school.
    • For example, if a student was enrolled at Evergreen for 2  years they would have one enrollment record at that school:
    • However, if they were enrolled at Evergreen for 5 years and at LJMS for 1 year the student would have two school enrollment history records:
  • Most Recent Enrollment Record
    • This signifies what the student is doing currently (cannot edit enrollment start date)
    • There is one per school, so the student’s most recent enrollment record for each school they attended will be tagged as “most recent enrollment record”
    • If a student is unenrolled, leaves and comes back the old enrollment record will be archived and the new one that is created will then be tagged as the “Most recent enrollment record”
  • Cases in which there may be two enrollment histories for one school:
    • Student was enrolled, left the school and then came back.
    • Student had primary enrollment and secondary enrollment at the same school

Click on the school enrollment history record to see more details:

Things to take note of on the “Edit School Enrollment Dates” screen: 

  • Grade level History is linked to enrollment history
    • Under each enrollment record there can multiple entries for different grade levels. There will be an entry for each grade level that the student was enrolled in while at the school.
  • Primary V Secondary Enrollment
    • Students can be enrolled in multiple schools (but can only have ONE primary enrollment)
    • Attendance is only taken for primary enrollments, if a student has a secondary enrollment attendance is not taken for them at that school
    • ***Primary and Secondary enrollments are tracked separately. If a student is primarily enrolled at a school for one year and then has a secondary enrollment at that same school the next year there would be two enrollment histories for the same school in the student’s record.

Grade Level History
Grade level enrollment history is also tracked in the student’s record. Click on “History” next to “Grade” to view this in a student’s account:

Grade level enrollments are created automatically when a student is added and enrolled in a grade level. Once the year ends and the new one starts the student’s previous grade level enrollment is closed out automatically and the new one is added.

As I mentioned earlier, grade level enrollment is connected to school enrollment. To see which school enrollment a student’s grade level is connected to click on the “View Full History” button:

 Click on a grade level enrollment record to see more details:

This is where you can edit the add date or the school enrollment that the record is connected to.

The “Has attended school?” flag is new. It is meant to be used in situations where a student does not attend school on their intended first day and instead starts school after that date.

  • For example, if a student was supposed to start school on 08/17/16 but did not start until 08/22/16 then the “Has attended school?” box should not be checked until 08/22/16.
  • If this box is never checked the student will not count towards ADA.

Class Teacher History
Class teacher history is tracked for elementary and middle schools. This feature gives you the ability to track which class teacher a student is assigned to at any given time. This is only for tracking purposes and does not affect ADA. Click on “History” next to “Class Teacher” to view: 

The class teacher name, trimester and add/drop date are tracked for each student. There should be an entry for each trimester in which the student is enrolled.

New & Pre-enrolled Students
When a new student is added a new enrollment record will be created automatically under “School Enrollment History” and an enrollment record will also be added under “Grade Level History” connected to the student’s grade level.

(For elementary students, a class teacher enrollment record will be added once a class teacher is assigned to the student.)

This is the same process when a student is transferred from one district school to another.

When a new or existing student are pre-enrolled at a new school no new enrollment records are created until the student is actually enrolled at the site. Once the student is enrolled at the new site the new enrollment records will be created.

Pre-Enrolling Existing Student
Using the Pre-Enrollments Screen

Pre-enrollments system starts on the District-Wide Search page in the Students module (for administrators and office managers with the appropriate access).
Click the + Pre-Enroll Students button to get started.

You can pre-enroll any group of students from one school to another in this screen. For example, if you are currently in a middle school, you can pre-enroll students entering or exiting the school from the same screen. Select the “FROM” school and grade-level and the “TO” school and grade-level to prepare a list of students from the one school to pre-enroll into the other.

Use the table of students to select who should be pre-enrolled (students who will definitely be leaving the district for the next term or not promoting to the new grade can be left off the list of students to pre-enroll into the new term).

Confirm the list of pre-enrolled students when you are done.

Once you have confirmed the list of students to Pre-Enroll, use the dialog that will appear to verify the sites and grade-levels you will be move students from and into.

Once the students are Pre-Enrolled, they will show up in the new site’s Students module.

Once students are pre-enrolled, they will appear in their future school’s Students listing. Here’s a brief walkthrough of how to find and identify their records.

Finding Pre-Enrolled Students in their New Site
Pre-Enrolled students will appear in the Students module for their new site. They will not appear in any listings anywhere else, except for Course Requests. Students can be searched for by name and student id in the same way as current students. Pre-Enrolled students are identified by the tag on their record listing.

Editing Information for Pre-Enrolled Students
Students’ information can be viewed and edited at their new site using the same Student record interface. Pre-Enrolled students are also flagged as such in their records.

Pre-Enrolling New Students
If a new student is starting at your site before the new school year begins, you can specify this student as Pre-Enrolled by using the "Pre-Enrollment" check box when creating the new student record. This indicates that the student is NOT part of the current active enrollment:

After saving and re-opening the student record, you can use the "Pre-Enrollment" section to set the Next Grade, Next Class Teacher and so on:

Pre-Enrolled students will be added into the active student enrollment upon activation of their specified term.

After the new school year starts, new students should be added as normal (without checking the "Pre-enrollment" box), because the student will be enrolling directly into the new (and currently active) academic term.

Re-enrolling a Student that has been unenrolled
There are two different ways to re-enroll a student that has left depending on the situation.

If a student was unenrolled in error, meaning they never actually left the school and should have been enrolled the entire time, you can use the “Reactivate” feature. This will reactivate the student and their enrollment records prior to being unenrolled so that new enrollment records are not created.

To use this option, find the student’s record by searching for students who have left the school. Once you find the student’s unenrolled record open it and click on “History” next to “Status:”


This will pull up the student’s enrollment records.Click on the enrollment record that you would like to re-activate (this should be the “most recent enrollment” record at your school). The “Edit School Enrollment Dates dialogue box” will appear, scroll down and click on the “Reactivate” button.

This will re-activate that enrollment record and the student will reappear in the Student listing.

However, if a student did leave the school and is returning at a different time you would want to use the “re-enroll” feature. Doing this will create new enrollment records for school and grade level.

To go with this option, find the student’s unenrolled record by searching for students that have left the school. Once you find the student’s record, open it up and click on the “Actions” on the “Actions” button.

***It is important that the correct feature is used when re-enrolling a student, if the incorrect feature is used it will cause issues with ADA.***

Exiting a Student
When un-enrolling a student use the “Actions” button in the student record. Set the leave date and select a reason and an exit code. Once you click confirm the enrollment records for school, grade level and class teacher will be archived with the end date that was entered.

How to Handle Programs
Students can be enrolled in many different programs such as Independent Study, Armed Forces Family Member, Gifted and Talented Education, etc.

Some of these programs are auto programs, which students are enrolled in them automatically based on information entered in the student’s account. These programs are Free and reduced lunch, Transitional Kindergarten and Secondary Enrollment.

Others are attendance programs, which means the student will appear on a special ADA report. Attendance programs are Secondary Enrollment, Home/Hospital, Independent Study and Special Day Classes.

To add a program for a student open the student’s account and click on the “Programs” tab. Click the “Add Program” button, this will open the “Add Program Enrollment” dialogue box where you can choose a program from the drop down menu:

Be sure to add a program start date! Depending on the program you are adding you may be asked to enter more info such as “State Foster ID” or “COE Migrant Student ID“

Tracks (at Evergreen)
Currently, Evergreen Elementary has two tracks: Traditional and Year Round. Track information and history is kept in the student account. It is important to that a student has track information entered as this does affect ADA. When adding new students simply choose which track they are on from the drop down menu and then save your changes.

To edit this info for an existing student click on “History” and a list of the student’s track histories will appear.

**FYI, starting 2017-2018, Evergreen will be split into 2 schools, one for each track. So we will no longer need to track “Track History”.**

Click on a track in the list to edit start/end dates or to delete it.

Transferring a Student within the District
To transfer a student within the district, first you must unenroll the student from the current school. Do this by following the normal process to exit the student. (Under the student’s current school use the “Actions” button in the student record. Set the leave date and select a reason and an exit code.)

Then, under the student’s new school, that they are being transferred to, search for the student under “Students”>”District-wide Search” (be sure to check the box to “Include students who have left”

Click on the “Enroll” button, to enroll the student in the new school.

Once this is the done the student will now be enrolled at their new site. To confirm, you can open the student’s record and then click on “History” next to “Status” Enrolled” in order to see the “School Enrollment History”. There you will see that the enrollment at the old school was closed and the new enrollment is open.

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