Building Your SINF Extract

Organization of this Document

This document has four major parts:  (a) an overview of the SINF extract, (b) A table of each of the the fields in the SINF extract, (c) a set of input screens, (d) creating the extract.

Overview of SINF Extract

Purpose: The purpose of the SINF (Student Information) extract is to report relatively static student information to CALPADS. In particular, it contains legal information about the student, his/her parents/guardians, the family contact information and ethnic reporting data.

Timeline: The SINF extract may be submitted at any time of year. According to the CALPADS specifications, “This file format is used to submit information about a student that is relatively static and not likely to change over time. It should be submitted when a student is assigned a new SSID. This file should only be submitted if there are any changes to data within the file.”

Uploading a SINF extract to CALPADS is likely to occur frequently.

Some of the fields in the SINF are computer generated and cannot be directly changed by the user. Other fields can be changed by the user.

For some students a legal name and/or gender override field is appropriate. The regular student screen is the public name and gender. If a student’s legal name and/or gender is different from the public name, enter the legal name and gender in the Legal Name and Gender Override screen.

Table of Fields

The following table shows the fields included the CALPADS Student Information (SINF) extract.  The tab and screen in QuickSchools is provided to help locate the appropriate location for entering and changing information.  Some fields are generated by the system logic and cannot be changed directly by the user.

*Student legal first name, middle name, last name and gender may be overridden using the Legal Name and Gender Override screen.

Input Screens

Student Profile Screen
Navigation:  Student Profile → CALPADS

Residence Screen
Navigation:  Student Profile

Data Notes:  Do not use commas in the Home Address field.  In this example, the apartment number is separated using a space.

Birth Place Screen
Navigation:  Student Profile → CALPADS

US School Enrollment Screen
Navigation:  Student Profile → CALPADS

Race Data Screen
Navigation:  Student -> CALPADS

Enter the data as indicated on the enrollment documents.  The Hispanic Indicator data is designed to comply with federal and state law in order to accurately account for varying understandings of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity and race.

Parent/Guardian and Contact Screen
Navigation:  Student Profile → Parents/Siblings (default).  Scroll to the bottom of the screen.

Data notes:  Do not use a comma, an ampersand or parentheses is the parent name field.  Each of these will cause an error.  To indicate a nickname, use single quotes: Michaela ‘Micki’

  Generating SINF Extract

1. With the data entered in Quickschools, the SINF extract can be generated. Navigate to CALPADS→Generate Extracts tab.

Select the corresponding year using the “Year” drop down and select “SINF - Uploading Basic Student Info” using the “CALPADS Extract” drop down.

2. With the SINF Extract selected, students can be selected individually, by school, or as a whole.

  • To select a student individually→use the checkboxes to the left of each student.
  • To select all ‘ALL’ students, clear any filters, and simply use the ALL option found by clicking the top most checkbox.
  • To select students by school→use the Advanced Search options to filter, then select ‘ALL’ students

After selections are made, click the Generate button (without Output Headers).

3. The extract will be processed, and a Download button will be made available in the “Generated Extracts” section.


Note: Do not open the file with any document/spreadsheet program, as it may cause formatting errors.

4. For a general overview of generating extracts, please visit: How to Generate Extracts​​

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