Configure Course Request Template

This function allows you to configure courses that will be available to students to submit course request via the Student Portal. In Quickschools, students can submit their own course requests or teachers/admin can add course requests on behalf of students. You can also use a mix of both. This article describes how to setup Course Requests for your students to request online.

Navigating to Course Request Templates

Go to the Master Scheduler and open the enrollment period that you are working on. Under Step 1 click on “Configure Course Request Templates”:

Course Request Templates are configured by grade level. Click on “Configure” next to a grade level to work on the Course Requests Template for the grade:

NOTE: If you do not see any grade levels listed, you will need to copy grades into the new enrollment period. To do this go to the “New Semester Setup” tab and then click on the “Migrate to Next Year” tab. From there you can select the “Source Semester” (previous term) and the “Target Semester” (new term). Once you have done this click on the “Copy Grade Levels” button under Part 1: Copy Grade Levels. ONLY Part 1 needs to be completed. 

Manage Course Request Template Screen

On the Manage Course Request Template screen, you will see the grade level attached to the template. You will also see the minimum and maximum amount of course requests in total (these are calculated automatically based on the requirements that you set for each group).

You will also see a “Custom Fields” section. Here you can add in custom fields to capture certain information from students:

What students will see:

Configuring Course Request Templates

The “Add Group” function allows you to add groups such as Electives, Language Requirements, etc. These groups will appear under the “Course Requests” tab for students in the Student Portal. You can have as many or as few groups as you need.

To add a group click on the “Add Group” button. You must add in a group name and the minimum and maximum amount of course requests that can be submitted by the student. Then you must select a “Rule”.

The “Rule” gives you the ability to filter out courses by department, subject area, report or you can select a specific group of courses.


Within each group, you can specify the min/max amount of course requests students can submit for the group. You can specify if the student can choose an alternate course.

Here is an example of a complete Course Request Template:

Below is what students for the grade level above will see:

Keep in mind that some students may have PRE-ENROLLED COURSES (courses added by a school staff/counselor). If a student has pre-enrolled courses that are a part of a group the course request will count for the total for that group:

NOTE: Student will not see the Course Requests tab in the student portal until it is activated. See Activating/Deactivating Course Requests for more information.




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