Attendance: Absent Notification (Internal)

Quickschools Attendance Alert feature sends email to parents to notify them of their child’s attendance status for the day. This means parents will receive an email once the teacher takes an attendance - whether the student is present, absent, late, etc.

There are cases where parents only want to receive attendance notification when their child is absent. The instruction below shows how you can configure Quickschools to send email notification to parents - only if the student is ABSENT. Quickschools allows you to do this via Schedule Emails.

Using Scheduled Emails, Quickschools sends attendance notification to the parents of absent students at the schedule specified by the school. Note that Scheduled Emails is only available if the Report Creator is installed.

Steps Summary:

1. Create Attendance report
2. Set up email template
3. Schedule the email

Scenario: Parents only want to receive an attendance notification if their child is absent. The school decided to send the notification every 4 pm - to ensure that all the teachers have already taken the students attendance for the day.

1. Log in as admin to the school and enable the following:

2. Create a report via Report Creator containing the absent students today, including their parent name and parent email address:

3. In the report you have created (i.e. “Absent today” report in this example), click the Email button > then Manage Templates > then Add Email Template:

4. Create the email template

5. Go back to Report Creator tab to create a scheduled email: click “View/Edit Scheduled Emails” link > click Schedule Email button > create the scheduled email using the report and template you created earlier; specify the time and repeat schedule.

You should then see the scheduled email's status in the list:

After doing the steps above, the parents of absent students will receive notification email every 4 pm informing them that their child is absent for that day.

The Scheduled Email list will show that emails were successfully sent:

Note: Some schools might also want to send notification for late students; just add “Tardy” in the Attendance filter in Step 2 and then tweak the email template.

Additional Info:

  • This procedure also applies should the school wants to send scheduled attendance notification to parents regardless of the attendance mark. Just like our existing Attendance Alert (in Alerts module), this method can send notification to parents whether a student is Present, Absent, Late, etc. The difference is that it sends notification emails based on the schedule specified by the school.
  • We can suggest this method for schools complaining that parents are getting two or more attendance notification emails when Attendance Alert is enabled. This is because with Attendance Alert, QS sends email notification to parents when the ‘Take Attendance’ button is clicked, and every time the attendance mark is changed (like from Present to Absent). With Scheduled email notification, the teacher can change attendance marks within the day (before the attendance cut off) without flooding parents with emails.
  • This is our preferred method in sending Absent notifications. Most schools prefer sending it at the end of the day because parents would normally call the school if they have complains about their child’s attendance. More so, our Attendance Alert’s behavior can cause confusion to parents since parents can possibly receive multiple attendance notification emails within the day.




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