Supplemental Attendance

Supplemental attendance can be used to track the attendance of before/after school program . The screen is similar to Regular school Attendance module in Quickschools.


  1. Programs
  2. Attendance


The school have to add first a Program.

To add Supplemental Programs, click Add New Program.

Note:  Only Attendance Takers will be able to see the Supplemental Program in Attendance Screen.

Selecting Positive Attendance Type will default the attendance to Not yet taken:

Selecting Negative Attendance Type will default the attendance to Present:

After creating a Supplemental Program you’ll be able to enroll the students.

To enroll a student in Supplemental Program, type the name of student in Add Student box.

To remove a student in the program, click the Delete button.

If you want to delete a Supplemental Program, click the program > scroll down to the bottom


The attendance screen is similar to homeroom attendance. If you have access to more than one program, the program drop-down will automatically appear.

To take the attendance, click Take Attendance button.





Admin Attendance

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