Configuring Semester for the First Time

If you’re just starting to set up your Quickschools account, we recommend configuring the semester first. This includes properly naming your semester and setting the semester date range. The semester name would appear in most of the modules in Quickschools so properly naming it will help your users seamlessly use the system.

To gain access to your semesters list:

  • click SETTINGS on your main menu
  • click the "Edit overall settings" button
  • enter a specific name or role under New Semester Setup section. The users you enter here will have access to the New Semester Setup tab.

The New Semester Setup tab will now appear in your account, go to that tab and click “View All Semesters”

Click Edit under SEMESTERS column:

Change the semester name and set the date range to match your school’s semester date, then click Save:

Now your current semester is all set. But should you need to edit semester information again, just go to New Semester Setup tab.

Feel free to chat with us if you have any questions!



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