Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some grades are not showing in the Report Card. Why aren’t the final grades from the Gradebook transferring over?
Please check the Gradebook and make sure that the “Is final grade” checkbox is checked:

I updated last semester’s grades but it’s not reflecting in the Report Card.
If last semester’s report cards have been locked, the report cards have to be re-synchronized with the Gradebook. Please see Resetting Locked Report Cards (Clear Locked Values) for more info.

I’m only seeing report cards from previous term; how can I access report cards for this term?
You have to create new report cards for every new semester you create. Please click here for instruction to create new report card session.

How do I make report cards available to parents/students?
Report cards have to be locked to be published to parents and students. Click here for instruction to lock report cards.

My English subject is showing twice in the Report Card; how can I remove the duplicate and make it appear in one row?
Please make sure that the subject name is identical across all terms. If it’s “English” in Q1, make sure it’s “English” in Q2 - Q4 as well. Please check for extra space in the subject name (like if it’s “English “ in Q2, the English subject will appear in 2 rows in the Report Card).

How do I edit previous semester grades?
To edit previous semester grades, simply go to your Gradebook, select the semester you need to edit then click the “Edit it anyways” link:

I need to check grades of students who have left, how can I do this?
In the Gradebook, we can show students who have already left the school - these students’ names will be in gray font, indicating they are inactive students. 

Your school admin may email us at so we can enable this for your school.

My homework is missing! How can I retrieve them?
Homework would only be available in your homepage 2 days after it was posted, and 2 days before its due date. To access all posted homeworks, please click the “View Complete Record” link below your child’s name and go to Homework tab.

How can I post my homework? There’s no option to post my homework in Quickschools!
You would have to submit your homework directly to your teacher as posting of completed homework is currently not supported in Quickschools. If students are allowed to send private message to teachers, then you may send your homework using the Directory tab. Otherwise, please ask your teacher how you can submit your homework.

How do I change the Grade Level names?
To edit the grade levels, or to remove/add grade levels, click here.

How do I move to the next semester?
When your grading period is about to end, you’d need to prepare for the next semester. Once you’re done with your current semester, see the checklist below to help you identify if you’re ready for the next semester:

  • Teachers have completed entering Gradebook grades for the current semester
  • Teachers are done taking attendance for the current semester
  • No pending tasks on all the other modules

Note that you can migrate to the next semester even if your teachers are still working on the current semester’s report cards.

Click here for instruction on how to create a new quarter/semester. Once you’re done, the teachers may then start entering attendance, grades, homework, etc. for the new semester.

We need to send notification to parents if their child is absent for the day, is this possible?
Yes we support this feature but it’s still in Beta. Please contact us via chat or email so we can enable it for you and so we can give you instruction on how to set it up.

My school is non-K12, can I still use QS?
Definitely yes. We have several non-K12 users which includes language schools, nursing schools, music schools and dance schools, etc. Please check out the links below and let us know if you have questions.

Why are we being charged? Classes are over and we’re not using Quickschools right now.
We charge customers on a monthly basis. Should you wish not to be charged at this time, please email us at so we can hibernate your account.
To re-activate your account when the classes resume, simply send us an email again.

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