Importing Attendance (Beta)

Quickschools allows you to import attendance data into the system. This feature is still in beta so please email us at if you need access to it.

Once enabled, the Importer tab will appear in your account:

These are the columns to be contained in your file:

Note: Make sure that there’s only one “Yes” per row in the excel file to avoid uploading inaccurate attendance data.

To start the import, click Attendance Importer from the list then click the “Choose a file” button to browse for your excel file:

Quickschools will automatically map the columns to the system fields, please review the mappings to ensure they are correct. Click the “Click Here To Import Data” button to initiate the import:

The following fields are required for a successful import:

  • Student name
  • Attendance Date
  • At least one of these columns: Is Present, Is Tardy w/ Excuse, Is Tardy, Is Absent w/ Excuse, Is Absent


  • Attendance Importer only supports homeroom/daily attendance at this time
  • The students should have an assigned homeroom for the import to work
  • This tool allows you to import attendance regardless of the active term/semester

After importing the attendance, you can run Attendance reports to check if the import went well. Listed below are the reports that you can use, which you can access via Reports > Summary Reports:

  • Attendance Summary - shows total Present, Absent, etc. per student
  • Attendance Detail - shows attendance mark per day and the total count of Present, Absent, etc. per student
  • Attendance Roster (by Day and Period) - shows attendance mark per day

Just adjust the date range in the report for it to properly show data.

You can download sample template of the import file below:
Attendance Import Template



Admin Attendance Import

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