Import Grades for Multiple Subjects

Quickschools allows you to import grades for multiple subjects. If you need to use this importer, please send us an email at so we can enable it for you. Please note that this tool is only for school admins.

To import grades for multiple subjects, these are the steps:

1. Go to Importer tab and click “Gradebook Importer”:

2. Click the “Choose a file” button then browse for the excel file. These columns should be contained by your import file:

The screenshot above shows grades that will be imported into four gradebooks.


  • If you have subjects with the same subject name, please use Subject Abbreviation in the import (as shown in the screenshot above since there are multiple Math and English subjects for 3rd Grade). This is to avoid grades to be imported to wrong gradebooks.
  • You can leave the “Semester Name” column blank if you are importing for the active semester’s gradebooks.

3. Map the excel columns into Quickschools fields then click the “Click Here To Import Data” button to complete the import.

To confirm the import, please run the "Gradebook Data by Student (Concise version)" report under Summary Reports tab.

Click here for a sample file that you can use as a template to build your import file.


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