Check Existing Student Records before Adding New Students

Quickschools allows you to check for existing student records before you add a student in the system. The [Check] button in student profile allows us to search the system for active and inactive students in the system. This includes students marked as ‘has left’, graduated, and expelled.

Why check for existing students?

When manually adding new students in the system, we should always check for existing students to avoid duplicates. This functionality allows you to search for enrolled and unenrolled students throughout the entire district.

Summary of steps:

  1. Click [Add Student] button under Students tab
  2. Enter the name of the student then click the [Check] button
  3. If there’s a match, click the [Enroll] button; if there’s no match, click [Ok] to continue manual adding of the student.

Scenario: You need to add a student named Anna Rogers to your elementary school.

Name: Anna Rogers
Birth date: 06/22/2010
Grade: 2nd grade

1. Click the [Add Student] button under Students tab then enter the name of the student.student_name_4.png

2. Check if the student already exists in the system by clicking the [Check] button at the right side of the student name:student_name_4_check.png

 The ‘Search existing student records’ window will appear and shows the existing records that match the student firstname/middle/lastname/birth date that you entered. Notice that there’s a match in two district schools:

student_match_2_obfuscated.pngYou may enter the student’s birth date then click ‘Search’ to have an exact match:anna_rogers_-_after_entering_birthdate_2_-_obfuscated.png

3. If there’s a match, click the [Enroll] button to use the existing record in the system. But if there’s no match, simply click [Ok] then proceed with the manual adding of the student.

You may also search just by firstname or just by lastname if you want a broader search result. But note that only up to 10 students will be listed in the Search result even if there are several match across the district.

We’ll support the display of more than 10 students in the Search result in the near future.

Search Tip:

  • Enter the lastname and first 2 or 3 letters of the firstname
  • Enter just the lastname or the firstname of the student, then enter the birth date


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