Creating New Academic Year

In migrating to a new academic year, Quickschools archives your current academic term data and migrates it into the new academic term. It copies all data from the current academic term into the new academic term.

Academic terms are independent from each other. If you make changes to subjects, enrolments or grades in one academic term, it will not be reflected in other academic terms. For example, if you add a new “Pre-K Grade” or a new “Arts” subject in the current academic term, it will not appear in previous academic terms.

In migrating to the new academic term, some elements are not copied over and will be reset. For example, the Gradebook, Class Discussions, and Homework modules will start out empty.

Migration steps:

  1. Create a new academic year and semester
  2. Migrate to the new academic year

Creating new academic year

1. Navigate to Semester Setup > Semesters tab > click the “Add New Academic Year” button as shown below:



2. In the pop up, add the Year Name, then click the Add button:

3. The new year will be displayed on the Academic Year table. To add academic terms, click the “Add New Semester” button:

4. In the pop up, enter the Term Name, Start Date, and End Date then click the “Add” button.


Migrating to the new school year

5. Click the “Activate” button across the newly created semester/quarter to initiate the migration:


As you migrate to the next school year, please take note of the following:
* Students move up a level.
* Final year students can be marked as having graduated.
* Subjects are the same as the current semester, but are empty.
* Enroll students in subjects after creating the semester.
* Changes can be made on a student-by-student basis after the new semester is created.

6. Follow the migration process accordingly, then click the “Create New Semester” button after mapping the students to their next grade level.

You will be notified with the following pop-up once the migration is done:

Once you’re done with migration, the students have to be enrolled to their respective subjects so teachers can start entering grades and taking attendance (if using subject-based attendance) for the new school year.



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